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EFactor Presents: Supporting Startups From the Ground Up

EFactor Presents: Showcase – Supporting Startups From the Ground Up

With the US financial crisis, small business and startups have become an imperative part of bringing the economy back to its stealth.  Yet, with many bank, cash and credit regulations, startups and small businesses have not been able to grow and expand as fast as they potentially can. 

Organizations and movements like Startup Exemption are advocating for a solution - crowdfunding.  It is a way to allow Americans to choose, invest in small business in their communities.  Sue Malone from Strategies for Small Business, Beth Di Santo, Director of CleanTech REIT, Inc and Ricardo Weisz, Founder/President of NorthVest Company, will share their expertise on:

* How to get involved in funding startups and what are the necessary tools?
* What are some new ways to support small businesses in your local communities or in other states?
* What are important components to a startup that is worth investing?
* How to take an idea, grow it into a company, then expand all the way to revenue stage?

About the Speakers:

Sue Malone is small business advocate for all 50 states and founder of Strategies For Small Business. Her sole mission for the last five years has been to help people obtain access to capital to start or expand their businesses. In doing so, one of her specialties has been small business startups loans. She is #1 in the Nation (by number of loans) for the SBA Community Express (non-veterans) and Patriot Express (veterans and their spouses) Loan Programs—unsecured loans between 5K and 25K at the current rate of 7.75% or $60/month for every $5,000 borrowed. Answers are with 48 hours with funding in approximately 10 days, due to the fact that financials or tax returns are not required. As of May of 2010, she is responsible for closing over 27,000 of these much needed loans. 

Beth Di Santo is a corporate attorney: Specializing in real estate opportunity funds, REITs, venture capital financing, securities offerings, securities law compliance and corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, and real estate transactions.  Beth is also an Entrepreneur: Launched companies in renewable energy, entertainment, event and luxury goods and services industries.

Richard Weisz is a versatile international marketing executive expert in start-ups, content, brand development, licensing and marketing of products and services and has successfully headed various ventures. During his tenure with The Walt Disney Company he launched operations in multiple countries, was a Zone VP and GM, and headed a Latin American SBU. His experience includes start-ups in Internet and mobile. He is a creative thinker, an angel investor and syndicator of projects . He has held a number of board positions, including Ogangi Corp., Consult A Doctor, and New World Angels. He is a graduate of Babson College and an is an avid diver.

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Corporate Attorney: Specializing in real estate opportunity funds, REITs, venture capital financing, securities offerings, securities law compliance and corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, and real estate transactions.



I believe this was a very good evening with excellent speakers and a very enthusiastic crowd. The presentation by Beth Di Santo (Partner at DiSanto,LLC) was very informative and down to earth. In fact I asked her to become part of our tool section at E-Factor as she has firm has so much to offer to entrepreneurs getting started.  Beth was followed by a presentation by Sue Malone (From Strategies for Small Business).


Sue is one of the most dynamic entrepreneurs that I have come across in the last twenty years. She relayed her background in various business ventures before going in to financing of start-ups. Offering keen antidotes of her dealings with politicians, bankers, etc. and how today she is working to pass a bill through congress to support start-ups. The offers to provide financing from her firm as well as assist your business people as they put their business to work was incredible.


Finally, we had the opportunity to hear from Ricardo Weis a business investor who provided a power point presentation on the steps to financing , growing, and selling a business. He gave first-hand experience on how to get to the final goal and the different steps along the way.


We went directly to the question and answer session in which we were able to add our own questions regarding the E-Factor approach. This was the most dynamic part of the program as participation was excellent and the participants were very open in their questions and the panel was very detailed in their answers.


The evening ended with our unique opportunity for participants to mingle one on one with the speakers. As always this portion goes on late as the speakers stay till the last question is answered.


Written by, Eduardo Del Riego, EFactor representative 




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6:30pm - 7:00pm  Event Start/Networking

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7:20pm - 8:00pm  Panel Discussion 

8:00pm - 8:30pm  Audience Q&A

8:30pm - 9:00pm  Networking Hour

9:00pm  Event Ends

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