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EFactor Presents: Cutting Edge New Marketing

EFactor Presents: Cutting Edge New Marketing

The face of marketing has changed dramatically.  Traditional advertising is losing its battle, and new marketing is the new way to go!

EFactor has invited Jamie Papas (VP of Social Media at AMP Agency), Marsh Sutherland (co-founder of SocialGrow), Caomhn Connolly (co-founder of Buz), Carla Gates (Director at 3to5 Marketing), Jay Neely (BarCamp Boston) and Michael Rheaume (co-founder of SnapKnot) to uncover different ways of strategizing new marketing.  They will demonstrate using a growing database on how to generate sales and heighten company brand.  This event will include:

* How do consumers shape different companies' brands in this modern digital age
* How to explore the latest ideas and techniques being used to attract audiences
* How to use content as a key part of increasing sales and overall conversion rate
* What it truly takes to be “viral” and how to get there

About the Speakers:

Jamie Papas is the VP of Social Media at AMP Agency.  By creating positive, indelible marks in the consumer's mind through singular brand experiences, AMP Agency grows mutually beneficial relationships between clients' brands and their target audiences. Whether the interaction lasts for two seconds or two hours, the memories we create inspire consumers long after the brand interaction ends.

Marsh Sutherland is President and co-founder of SocialGrow.  It offers the easiest way to grow social networks.  SocialGrow was one of the 5 startups chosen internationally to participate in the Microsoft Windows 7 Incubation Week, was named one of the MassHighTech Five Startups to Watch, and was named Microsoft Startup of the Day worldwide.  

Caomhn Connolly is CEO and co-founder of Buz - a venture backed company with offices in Dublin, Boston and Beijing.  The company develops hardware and software which makes it simple for retailers to increase sales, word of mouth marketing and foot traffic.  The company's first product, Buz rewards, uses NFC technology to connect retailers with their customers friends on Facebook.  

Carla Gates is the Director of Social Marketing at 3to5 Marketing.  Throughout her career, Carla was VP in Channel Marketing at Scudder Investments, founded FivePark Internet Web Designs, was VP of Online & Email Marketing at citizens Bank, and also Director of Online Marketing & Social Media at Glance Networks.  

Jay Neely organizes BarCamp Boston, an annual geek unconference.  Attracting an audience of over 700 technology, startup, and geek culture enthusiasts.  Jay specializes in consulting, online communications, blogging services, interactive media, web-based project management, real estate, social networks, social news, user experience, knowledge management, new media, SEO, social media and product development.

SnapKnot, co-founded by Michael Rheaume is a website dedicated to helping engaged couples find the perfect wedding photographer.  It’s photo-centric, showcasing the work of photographers such that a bride can compare and contrast style and quality side-by-side.  Couples can select their location and budget range and browse through photographers who match their criteria.  SnapKnot has been featured as one of the featured New Marketing companies in Bostinnovation as one of the startups to watch!

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Last night’s event was filled with a dynamic discussion on social media, and how to utilize various tools, content to create viral campaigns and better brand company awareness.  Every panelist provided valuable insights on certain tools to use to measure “influence”, such as: Quora, Peer Index, Klout, Digg, Reddit...etc.  HubSpot’s example and books were often brought up as great examples of how to utilize marketing evangelists as key players to spread the word for companies. 

The discussion also covered how to maximize LinkedIn groups, Twitter, Facebook pages. Panelists had strong opinions and thoughts on traditional advertising marketing vs. new media marketing, and which avenues are more useful for small to medium size businesses or bigger corporations.  Overall, event was a success, every EFactor member got a chance to get up close and personal to ask questions to panelists.



Note on Pricing:

Early Bird Special - $10 (Ends July 29th, sign up early!)

Regular Price - $15/Price at the door - $20


6:00pm-6:30pm  Event Start/Networking

6:30pm-8:00pm  Panel Discussion with Moderator

8:00pm-8:30pm  Audience Q&A

8:30pm-9:00pm  Networking

9:00pm  Event Ends

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