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EFactor Presents: Mobile App Accelerant - Boston

EFactor Presents: Mobile App Accelerant - Boston (Sponsored by AT&T)


The new buzz word around town is mobile app. In 2010 mobile applications brought in $2.2 billion. That’s right…billion! Even more impressive is the fact that figure is up 160 percent from 2009! The mobile app industry is exploding right before our eyes! 

In this day and age of instant gratification it’s no longer a question of whether your business should have a mobile app or not. Businesses across the planet are creating mobile applications for consumers.  Add to that the fact that there are more people in the world who own cell phones than credit cards! If you don’t have one you may be leaving money on the table! 

Don’t get left behind! This is an event for business owners as well as for developers. In addition to learning from CEO’s and industry leaders from the mobile app industry, you’ll also get the chance to meet potential partners to help get your idea off the ground! 

Space is limited so don’t delay. To learn more about creating a BLOCKBUSTER mobile application, register here. 

About the speaker: 

Greg Raiz is the founder of Raizlabs, that launched in 2003 with a vision to create groundbreaking software. Greg is a leader in the Boston technology and mobile community, who has worked on a wide range of problems. For the first four years Raizlabs concentrated on designing interfaces for web applications. In 2007 when Apple released the iPhone: "The iPhone was the perfect platform for us. We had spent years crafting experiences and designing software. Here was a platform that not only made it easy, it made it fun." Their first app was launched within months of the AppStore unveiling. One soon became two and two soon became dozens! Greg is active in the mobile and design community, in Boston and beyond. He founded DringsOnTap.og and has spoken on mobile tech at many universities and events including: MIT, MobileMonday, Harvard Business School, Bentley, Olin as well as for companies like Microsoft, Fidelity, Staples and others. He has served as vice chair BostonCHI and secretary of the usability group, UPA Boston. He is currently growing the company and launching a new service called

Matt Gross is the founder of Mobile Monday Boston. Matt’s experience includes launching the WHERE consumer product line which has received over 2 million downloads and running MapQuest Mobile, the first mainstream US mobile application which at its peak accounted for 20% of all US mobile application revenue. The mission of Mobile Monday is to promote, discuss and share knowledge on mobiel technologies with the community through monthly presentations and networking events.  Matt is also the owner of Matt tv (a media releated projects on web and mobile,) he was also GM at

Dave Bisceglia is the Co-Founder and CEO of The Tap Lab, a Cambridge-based startup that develops social mobile games with a real-world twist. His focus is in game design and business development. Prior to The Tap Lab, Dave was the Co-Founder and President of the Boston University Entrepreneurship Club. Dave has a passion for entertainment and has experience working as a marketing intern/representative at Walden Media, Universal Pictures (UK), and Warner Music Group.

Masumi Nakamura is the co-auther of Programming Android (O'Reilly) and is the Principal Architect for the Big Data and Recommendations Group at WHERE, Inc (eBay, Inc). After working for several years at Cisco Systems, he started his own mobile company in 2004. Later he established himself as a mobile software consultant. At WHERE he worke don the WHERE Android app and then later on the Recommendation Engine. Masumi continues to find himself at the intersection of complex back-end problems and mobile applications. Outside of coding, he spends his time practicing Ba Gua Zhang and caring for his two cats.


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The second edition of Mobile App Accelerant event in Boston showcased a group of dedicated EFactor members, who attended the event despite the city’s sirens from Occupy Boston protests and pouring rain.  Some members came from New Hampshire, some arrived from outskirts of Boston, some were right around the corner but could not pass through the chaos.  Nonetheless, this EFactor event flowed smoothly, packed with insights and valuable information.

This event was specifically catered to entrepreneurs who are launching their own mobile apps, or have at least thought about it.  Mobile apps is one of the hottest industries at the moment, garnering billions of dollars per year, EFactor decided to invite Bostonian experts within the mobile app space, each providing knowledge from different perspectives.  As a local mobile app celebrity, Greg Raiz (Raizlabs) was able to answer every question raised by the moderator and audience member with personal lessons learned and experienced advice.  Masumi Nakamura (WHERE. Inc) provided insights from the developer and technical standpoint.  Matt Gross (Mobile Monday) gave perspectives from a social, events and marketing aspect.  While Dave Bisceglia (The Tap Lab) offered many personal stories from the gaming point of view.


This event was held at MassChallenge on Thursday night, EFactor kicked-off a 3-day series events with Mass Challenge (which hosted a Cloud event on Friday night) and AT&T Hackathon (all-day Saturday.)  EFactor Member, Laura Joukovski, Bob Familiar, Hedi Bouzid and many others expressed how much they all enjoyed the event.  New students members like Zhongjie Wu also showed enormous interest in future EFactor events, "I really liked this event, and learned a lot from all the speakers."  EFactor will see you all very soon in Boston again in 2012.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!




Agenda for 3-day series event:

Thursday evening - presented by EFactor 

Friday evening - presented by Mass Challenge 

Saturday all day - presented by AT&T Hackathon


Note on Pricing for Thursday night event:

Regular Price - $15/Price at the door - $20

6:30pm - 7:00pm Pre-Event Networking Hour

7:00pm - 8:30pm Panel Discussion


8:30pm - 9:00pm Audience Q&A

9:00pm - 9:30pm Post-Event Networking Hour

9:30pm Event ends

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