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Stephen’s passion is playing the guitar.
Now he is CEO of

SubHub, helping you profit from your passion.

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The Top 8 Key Characteristics of Entrepreneurs 

Entrepreneurs must be willing to accept risk and failure. The key is that when you fail, you must fail quickly and inexpensively. Test, analyze, figure out why you failed, evolve, and iterate.... Read More


The Secret to Strengthening Your Social Network

People have this idea that networking is sleazy and that it's about trying to get something from someone, this clearly does not work and makes people avoid you like the plague. Read More

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At EFactor, we know you've got great ideas for launching a business. Maybe you have a few ideas but you’re unsure how to focus on “the one.” Let us help you hone in on what's important. Get the know-how, meet the right people and take the leap! 

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5 Ways to Increase the Odds of Your Start-Up's Success

Increasing the Odds

Once you've got the perfect idea, keep in mind it's no cake walk. Member Peter Boucher provides five guidelines startups need to take seriously in order to propel themselves toward success. All it takes is a little planning, advice and lots of determination Increase your odds.

Featured Resource Go Daddy's Website Builder & Free Domain

Get a Website + Domain

Are you ready to make the jump? Start by designing your website. A business these days needs a web presence, a unique design and its own market place. We've worked out a deal with Go Daddy that gets you their website builder and a free domain for just one dollar per month. Get this deal.

Business Management 7 Human Resources

By Zulfiqar Deo

Startups Need Human Resources 101

We all know start-ups have resource constraints, but it’s a misconception that they cannot invest in human capital, it’s often just overlooked. In this MBA for start-ups training, Zulfiqar Deo reports how startups can use HR to their benefit, and in the end, provides a helpful worksheet to help determine where you should start. Download it now.

Post by: 

Gavin Tonks

Genesis of an Idea

So, you think you have a business idea?

Well not just any idea has the potential to be a business. A business needs to eventually drive a profit, sustain you and the company created, as the vehicle to do the business from this idea... 

Read More!

White Paper Report: 

Picking the Perfect Business

Picking The Perfect Business

With thousands of business ideas to choose from, how do you select the one that is perfect for you? It may not be as difficult as you think. In fact, it is a rather simple process of matching your personal talents with the right opportunity. 

Continue Reading

You've got your business idea.

Now what?

Regardless of whether you decide to go the business plan route or forego it all together, creating a plan can be trying. 

We're here to help you learn about the fundamentals of planning your business! From the how-to's, organization, to the financial projections; meet new people and developing your mission statement with the help of our network.

Finding the Right Market

Meet Freddie Goddfrey, Co-Founder of Gablit, and listen to how he honed in on his ideal market which led him to move his business from London to the United States. Find out how he gathered the courage to make the big move. He shares his experience as an international founder. Watch now...

The Pitch then Plan Business Plan by Jack B. Hess

Another Approach to Planning

We’re exploring a different approach to business planning, and the Pitch-then-Plan 10 slide program by John B. Hess takes an unorthodox approach. His method starts by creating a ten slide business pitch presentation. Then he shows you how to transform that into a full blown plan. It’s a unique method you’ll want to look into. Check it out now.

Make Your Business Plan Work for You by Lorna Barrow

A Plan that Works for You

It’s common for people to pay to have their business plan written and often find them useless after some time. Lorna Barrow looks into reasons why plans are often put to the side. Is it because owners can’t find short term uses? This post offers ways to get your plan to work for you. Read more about it.

Improve Business by Closing Sales

Selling is hard work, but when you get creative about closing, it feels a lot less like work. Business-to-business sales trainer Kenneth Daryl Brown talks to us about his experience, and how he came up with 7 closes for successful sales. Close the deal.

Featured Resource Growthink's Ultimate Template

Planning is a Piece of Cake

Writing a business plan is not always easy so we’re helping you simplify it. Growthink’s Ultimate Business Plan template uses a proven, fill-in-the-blanks method. Open the template in Excel or Word, type in your answers and print out your plan; offered now at a special rate for EFactor members. Get it now.

Improve Business with Insights

You've heard it before, SEO optimization, landing page performance and user engagement is important to the future of business. We've pulled together this opportunity for experts to review and improve the performance of your website. Check out how Clever Zebo can help you get more of a return on your investment. Find out how.

Practice makes perfect!

Preparing your business pitch.

What ingredients mix to make the perfect pitch? Being concise, communicating your vision clearly and being able to show your financial potential are considered most important.

We'll take a stab at it together. Let us provide you with the best tips for nailing that all important pitch!

How to Get More Yeses by Bill Gallagher

Enhance Your Pitch with a Positive Attitude

Why listening is as important as what you say when delivering your pitch. Bill Galagher draws on one situation that helped turn his business around. He shares what he learned and advice for getting more people to say yes! Read more...

Can You Roll with the Punches by Bill Gallagher

Coping with Your Pitch

Coming up with a pitch is hard enough, but are you prepared to cope when investors say “no.” Overcoming the feeling of defeat isn’t so rough when you mentally prepare yourself. This thoughtful post by business coach Bill Galagher gives great suggestions for riding out the no’s until they become yeses. He calls it rolling with the punches. Read more. ›

Pitch Advice from a Shark with Kevin Harrington

A Strong Pitch Converts Brand Enthusiasts

If anyone knows anything about perfecting a pitch, it's Kevin Harrington . In this recap he gives pointers for properly communicating your product (or service), and his advice for arriving at your signature pitch. He emphasizes the need to tease, please and sieze. Get Kevin's Tips...

Featured Video Preparing Your Pitch with Candice Batts of Social Candi

Video Tip: How did You Prepare for Your Pitch?

How do other entrepreneurs prepare to deliver the old business pitch? We caught up with Candice Batts, founder of Social Candi who tells us how she came up with a pitch for her business, and how she prepared to master it. Watch our video tip.

EFactor Resource: Scott Duffy's Launch!

Launch Your Business

Unlock a fountain of knowledge when you purchase Scott Duffy’s new book Launch. Receive access to his 12 week launch course, a pass to webinars about raising capital and keys for a successful business at no additional cost. You won’t want to miss out on all the free swag. In stores today, Launchis a step-by-step guide for launching a new business and what to expect the first 90 days. Purchase a copy using our link to receive your bonus gifts. Get the book.

Need to raise funds?

Explore your options.

How do you know if you need to seek funding, how should you prepare and how much do you ask for? When it comes to funding, there are a lot of options and we'll help guide you through it.

Our Funding page is a great resource. It defines each type of funding and walks you through the details, offering tips for how to get organized.

One more way we support your dream!

Featured Video Crowdfunding Pitfalls with Roger Royse

Beware of Crowdfunding Pitfalls

What should small businesses and start ups consider when it comes to crowdfunding? Attorney at Law and Accelerator mentor Roger Royse gives you a few perspectives from the investor standpoint. In our video reel he shares tips for determining if your business is a good crowd sourcing contender. Watch his advice.

Featured Member Meet George Deeb CEO of Red Rocket Ventures

Who can you find on Efactor?

It's our goal to make you look good, so we’re highlighting members of our community that you should know. Say hello to George Deeb founder of Red Rocket Venture Consulting, where he has coached over 300 startups through the funding process. Get to know George and connect with him on his profile. Meet him now.

White Paper Report

Preparing for funding isn’t just an activity, it’s a journey. One you ideally don’t want to embark on alone. Funding guru and mentor extraordinaire Jim Solomon shares a little of his own funding insight. Having raised nearly 100 million in 40 years he’s got a few things to say about the subject in this white paper report. Download it now.

How to Bootstrap and Still Leverage Your Business by Dipti Parmar

Use Bootstrapping to Your Advantage

Investopedia defines bootstrapping as founding a business with little capital, using personal finances, or from operating revenues of a new company. It’s the hallmark of true entrepreneurial ingenuity according to Dipti Parmar. She offers brilliant insight for using bootstrapping without breaking your piggy bank. Read about smart bootstrapping.


We know you've got great ideas for launching a business, maybe you have a few, but you’re unsure how to focus on “the one.” We'll help you hone in on what's important. Get the know-how, meet the right people and take the leap!

The Pros and Cons of Buying Part of a Business by Katharina Kraetzer

To Buy or Not to Buy?

There are various reasons you'd want to consider buying part of a business. Whether it's to give momentum to an existing idea, or to become your own boss, there are a few things you'll want to consider. Katharina Kraetzer, tallies the pros and cons, and how you should go about it. Find out more.

Exit Strategy Nice to Have or Need to Have? by Eva Hukshorn

Business Food for Thought

An exit strategy gives your business a goal to work toward even if you don't end up selling. In essence, having a goal is more important than the exit itself. Business and financial strategist Eva Hukshorn shares some of her own opinions about achieving success and then deciding if you should make that big exit. Download the presentation.

Featured Video: eTalks with Visionary Airlines 

How to Succeed in Business

Be inspired by watching the story of Mike Flint and his journey with Visionary Airlines. How he finally found to courage to launch his dream and how running his own business scare him more than his death defying passion. You’ll never want to give up your dream after watching this video. Watch now!

Top Tips for Leadership & Success 2014 by CEO Worldwide

Success? Get the Secret Sauce

With great success, comes great leadership and these top tips brought to you by CEO Worldwide reveal ways to stay ahead of the game in 2014. Be a better leader and attain the success you deserve. Read about being a great leader.

Success is Aligning Your IT Infrastructure with Your Business Goals by Kate Simmons

Entrepreneurs Helping Entrepreneurs

It makes sense to match your IT infrastructure with your business goals. According to member Kate Simmons, it's just one more way to ensure your business reaches ultimate success. Making sure the tech side of your business is always keeping up is a great idea. Get her tech savvy tips.

Once you start keep it consistent.

traction and momentum is key.

The growth of your business is all about leveraging the collective experience of your brand and figuring out a way to scale it's growth.

We'll help you find low cost ways to utilize tools, resources and offerings that can help you grow without straining your budget.

Why a DUNS Number is a Good Idea by EFactor's Community Manager

Why a DUNS Number is Important

Did you know that D-U-N-S stands for Data Universal Numbering System? It's the number that carries with it your business credit profile. Find out why it's useful and why you might strongly consider getting one for yourself. Why get one?

Featured Resource The Small Business Starter Package by Dun & Bradstreet

Establish Business Credibility

Market credibility refers to the means by which a business validates itself with customers, partners and entities. Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp.'s Small Business Starter package makes it easy to obtain a D-U-N-S number, establish your business credit file, and get listed in D&B Credibility Corp.'s review directory; offered to EFactor members at a 30% discount. Get started now.

Blog by: Armando Torres

Starting a Thrifty Business

In this day and age, being resourceful is easier than it has ever been. So when we find ourselves in times of financial hardships, it’s probably time to meander from convention and become a thrifty biz. Read more.

Tax Incentives for Small Business Enterprises by Kate Simmons

Small Business Bonus

The government recognizes the importance of smaller entities, providing tax incentives that encourage more entrepreneurs. Key blogger Kate Simmons let's you in on a few incentives when preparing tax season. Research tax cuts for Small Business and Enterprise in your area. Get some incentive.


We've got links to articles, how-to's and resources you need to handle your business once you've achieved SUCCESS! What do you do now? Find suggestions and solutions on this page.

The Recipe to Success by Tori Atkinson

The 5 Key Ingredients to Succeed

Every one does it a little different, but there is a general equation you can follow to success. Guest blogger Tori Atkinson shares the necessary steps for reaching your goals and growing your business. Get the recipe and start cooking

Fail Often and Fail Gracefully

Failing is Not Always Failure

We're inspiring you to fail, because failure leads to success. The sweetest victory is the kind that requires you to reach down deep, forces you to fight and shakes you to the core. Everyone fails, even these famous entrepreneurs struggled before making it big. Be humbled by their road to success

Be Inspired By the Spirit of these Young Entreprenuers

Five Young Entrepreneurs to Follow

We all need a little pick-me-up, or some fresh inspiration from time to time, which is why we're always looking to jump start your creativity. Be inspired by these five young entrepreneurs and breathe life back into your efforts. Read about their stories and be inspired.

Succeed with Blogging

Why Your Company Should Start Blogging NOW!

More likely than not, startup businesses are relying heavily on traffic, and impressions on their websites, so its imperative that they deliver fresh, consistent content that is both engaging and chock full of valuable information.  See why blogging rules!

What are Your Options?

Business Exit Strategy

While not completely necessary, having a business exit strategy can help you down the line. Interested in considering what your options are at this point in the game. Read on to find out how.  Craft your smartest exit yet...

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